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The Wife Between Us Book Review

- The Wife Between Us By Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen - The first half was good but slow. It felt like every day things were being described too often. By the time the big twist happened, I felt 2 things... "Finally! Something happend!" And "How cliche." I'm a thriller lover and I look for… Continue reading The Wife Between Us Book Review

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Any Man Review

- Any Man By Amber Tamblyn - Talk about a debut book coming out with a BANG. Tamblyn took a creative approach and also based her book on a subject that is so taboo. This was another audiobook for me and I'm glad it was. She had 14 narrators and it really brought the novel… Continue reading Any Man Review

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Then She Was Gone Book Review

- Then She Was Gone By Lisa Jewell - Lisa Jewell is officially one of my favorite authors. All her books I've read are enjoyable, great character development, balanced, a little twisted and I can never put them down. Even if it's not "Omg that was crazy" kind of good, they are still good. Then… Continue reading Then She Was Gone Book Review

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Every Last Lie Book Review

- Every Last Lie By Mary Kubica - - 100 pages left.. nothing much has happened. Husband dies who was in a bad financial situation... wife finds a little secret here and there... instead of asking questions,  jumps to conclusions. Kid seems like a brat... nothing else is really happening.. still waiting for the climax.… Continue reading Every Last Lie Book Review

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Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

- Into the Water by Paula Hawkins - I really enjoyed the book. Jules was annoying for most of it and still don't understand why she is always whispering to herself. Paula did a great job of getting the reader a feel for the town, how odd it was, the secrets, and the different characters.… Continue reading Into the Water by Paula Hawkins