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A Storm is Brewing

When life gets too busy, we tend to only make time for what needs to be done in that moment. We forget about our goals, what we need to work on with ourselves and our lives. As the storm calms, we then are left with the suppressed thoughts and feelings that we thought were of… Continue reading A Storm is Brewing


Too Much of a Good Thing

My mind reminded me this week that you can never have too much of a good thing. I mean that term like "You've been stable for too long, let me (Bipolar) remind you I'll always be here to fuck with you" I was feeling off starting on Monday and it has progressively gotten worse. It… Continue reading Too Much of a Good Thing


Exhausted and Restless

What a weird combination right? Ya, I have to live with it and figure out how to find balance. Lately I have been feeling strung out. That's the best way to describe me. I have been on the go constantly with work, doctors appointments, my stepdaughters baseball, having a social life and keeping the house tidy… Continue reading Exhausted and Restless