-Sept 04/18 I feel my stability slipping through my fingers. - "Please no" I beg, " Don't take this from me. It felt so good to be "normal." As if my Bipolar has ever cared. - The cold hard truth sinking in.. my boyfriend was right, I've burnt myself out. The warning I brushed away.… Continue reading Slippin

Life Lessons


Learning who you really are is one of the most important steps you need to take if you ever want to get into recovery from a mental illness. I know I've said it before, but it is so crucial, I will probably say it again and again and a few more times after that. Knowing… Continue reading Self-Reflection


Beer In My Belly

  I'm pretty sure I've gained a minimum of 5lbs in the last month. I have a belly (like I'm 7 months preggo), my boobs are getting too big for my bra (My boyfriend don't mind), bat wings, thighs are getting bigger, and my face is a bit rounder. My clothes are starting to get… Continue reading Beer In My Belly

Life Lessons

Same Old

Not much new to update on other than I'm still busy as hell. I'm beginning to have a love hate relationship with the fast lane. I would be lying if I said I wasn't super stoked for September... I know, I know... It's awful to say that because we have such awful winters here in… Continue reading Same Old

Life Lessons

Trust the Process!

Hello Hello! I hope everyone has been doing great!! I have been, for the most part. Some of you may have seen on my personal FB page that I was going to go on a tear BUT my wonderful hubby talked me down and told me not to let it get under my skin. My… Continue reading Trust the Process!