What A Shame, To Judge A Life You Can’t Change.

What a great age to live in. I can spread awareness for Mental Illness right from the comfort of my own home. That is one of the great things about social media. It offers convenience, so many opportunities, so much information at our finger tips! Which makes me wonder... Why then, don't people use it… Continue reading What A Shame, To Judge A Life You Can’t Change.


The Woman With 2 Minds

I've been feeling good the last couple days. Head is clear, I am relaxed and happy. It is unfortunate that on my good days they are always paired with me trying to figure out whether this is a manic episode or I am genuinely feeling this way. That goes with every emotion, I am always… Continue reading The Woman With 2 Minds

Depression, Fitness

Cupcakes and Wobbly Pops

                       Who doesn't like a freshly made cupcake and some wobbly pops? I know I do!!! I love cupcakes, chocolate, ice cream, take out food (it's easy), wine (oh em gee), Fireball (my fav), cold beer on a summer afternoon and Cheladas... I could go… Continue reading Cupcakes and Wobbly Pops