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To Baby or Not To Baby – Part 2

When you ask most women if they want to have kids, without skipping a beat, they say yes. What a beautiful feeling it must be to be so sure of such a big decision. That is a hard place for me to get to. It's a big decision and children are not easy. Do the… Continue reading To Baby or Not To Baby – Part 2

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Daddy’s Little Girl

I think it's time to share how being sexually abused has affected my life. How it fucked with my head, especially because of the fact my father was the one who abused me. The one man every little girl is supposed to feel safest with... the one man I was supposed to trust with my… Continue reading Daddy’s Little Girl


To Baby, or Not to Baby?

Having a baby can be one of the most exciting times in a couples life. Starting with the happy tears when those 2 little lines appear, the flutters in a woman's womb of the growing baby, the first time holding your newborn (which becomes the beginning of many firsts), the moments you share with your… Continue reading To Baby, or Not to Baby?