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Then She Was Gone Book Review

- Then She Was Gone By Lisa Jewell - Lisa Jewell is officially one of my favorite authors. All her books I've read are enjoyable, great character development, balanced, a little twisted and I can never put them down. Even if it's not "Omg that was crazy" kind of good, they are still good. Then… Continue reading Then She Was Gone Book Review

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Dear Wife Book Review

- Dear Wife By Kimberly Belle - Whoa. Talk about a mind fuck! I loved it. Love psychological thrillers just like this. The writing was descriptive but fluent. Belle kept you on the edge of your seat and constantly guessing. A book you have a hard time putting down. You will meet an abused woman… Continue reading Dear Wife Book Review

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Every Last Lie Book Review

- Every Last Lie By Mary Kubica - - 100 pages left.. nothing much has happened. Husband dies who was in a bad financial situation... wife finds a little secret here and there... instead of asking questions,  jumps to conclusions. Kid seems like a brat... nothing else is really happening.. still waiting for the climax.… Continue reading Every Last Lie Book Review

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Pretty Girls By Karin Slaughter

- Pretty Girls By Karin Slaughter - That was fucked up... But I like fucked up! This book is NOT for the faint of heart. I heard that this book was messed up but thought people were being dramatic, I grabbed this book thinking "How bad could it really be?" Boooyy was I put in… Continue reading Pretty Girls By Karin Slaughter

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Lie To Me By J.T Ellison

- Lie to Me by J.T. Ellison - I hate leaving bad reviews but I hate being dishonest more. This book was so hyped up for me because it was being compared to Gone Girl, which I loved. Unfortunately, I found it to be cliche and predictable. It almost felt like the writer was trying… Continue reading Lie To Me By J.T Ellison